Call for Extended Abstracts

Junior researchers and PhD students are invited to submit and present an original contribution addressing the interactions between Community, Sustainability and Technology within the context of contemporary dwelling in global societies.  The abstract will reflect the author’s position with regard to some of the topics addressed in the four proposed discussion sessions. All abstract submissions will be peer-reviewed and considered for selection by the OIKONET Scientific Committee. Acceptance will be based on the originality of the approach, consistency of the arguments and clarity of the exposition. Authors of the selected abstracts will be invited to present it in the workshop. The proceedings of this workshop will be published online with ISBN. 

In order to invite most appropriate experts from your field of interests to moderate the workshop, please send us the abstracts of your research subjects as soon as possible!

Attending the OIKONET seminar each participant will receive a certificate with 4 ECTS credits!

Abstract submission guidelines 

Abstracts need to be written in English, according to the provided template!

The IMRaD scheme (Introduction, Methodology, Results, and Discussion) will be used in the Extended Abstracts submission. Please include the following information: Full name and surname; title or profession (PhD Student, Architect, Sociologist, Independent Scholar, etc.); affiliation (if applicable); postal address;  e-mail address.

Along with the abstract, please include your Curriculum vitae, no more than 1 page, including relevant publications (if applicable).

Please download the template and submit your Extended Abstract and CV on this e-mail address.



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